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Placing your order

A deposit of 20% is required at the time of order. You will receive an order confirmation, deposit invoice, plus a "What Happens Next" letter, a timetable of events, insulation fitting instructions (if applicable) & preservative treatment information.

An invoice for the balance of payment will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks prior to your cabin delivery.

Viewing by Appointment

Our normal opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. We are able to make arrangements outside of the above mentioned hours during the week, however, in ALL cases, visits are by appointment only so that we can allocate a member of staff to be present to devote adequate time to our visiting customers.

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Delivery Details

Bearing in mind that most of our cabins are being made fresh especially for you to your design requirements, we need a sensible time frame in which to process the order, design, schedule production, source correct high grades of raw materials, manufacture, package and transport.

This is reliably achieved in 6 weeks on average.
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All of our delivery lorries are equipped with Moffat Mounty / Kooi fork lift trucks on board.

These are incredibly versatile machines, that allow the driver to offload the cabin packs from the side of the lorry, travel a short distance and place the pack as close to your build site as is possible.
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We do offer an efficient installation service nationwide, although the majority of our customers take enjoyment from self assembly and we are available 24/7 to provide expert advice over the telephone should the need arise.
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Keops only use PEFC certified Northern Scandinavian Pine Keops Interlock is a  TRADA Member - The Leading Authority on Wood
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How to apply wood treatments to your log cabin

Choosing the right wood treatment for your log cabin

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Protective wood treatment information

A single coat of Cuprinol or Sadolin clear wood preservative should be applied both internally and externally and allowed to penetrate and dry for three days before treating with weather protector products. The three day drying makes the use of these spirit based products suitable even when over-coated with water based stains such as Superdec.

For external treatments you can choose from many brands but we have found Sadolin or Sikkens to be excellent products.


Sadolin products are available nationwide from any Crown Decorating Centre. There are five systems which work well.

"Classic" as a first coat followed by "Extra" as a top coat
Provides a semi gloss finish


"Onecoat" for both coats
Also provides a semi gloss translucent finish


"Ultra" base coat followed by "Ultra" highly translucent stain


"Superdec" for both coats (water based)
Provides an opaque finish


"Classic" for both coats (better with three coats)
Provides a matt finish

Other recommended products

Jotun/Butinox or Sikkens Novatech/Novatop

Whichever product you choose it must satisfy four criteria

It must be a weather protector rather than a paint.

It must be a water-proofer (many preservatives do not have waterproofing abilities. This is also true of many varnishes)

It must have at least a small pigment of colour to provide a filter against the sun.

It must be of high quality, for joinery applications, e.g. front doors, windows, conservatories etc.

There are many lower quality stains available for sheds, fences, garden furniture etc. that really do not provide the correct weather proofing needed for a log cabin and/or need maintenance annually. These are generally the lower priced products. In our experience "Cuprinol Garden Shades" or "Ducks Back" have not performed well in log cabin applications.

It is always best practice to apply the treatments by brush and ensure that each coat is worked deep into all joints particularly at corners and between logs.  Do not brush too thin or apply over thick.  Ensure all faces and edges of doors and windows are also weather protected.

For the internal treatment, assuming you do not expect dampness being created in the cabin and also that you wish to retain the light pine appearance, simply apply the one coat of Cuprinol/Sadolin clear preservative or similar all purpose preservative.

If there is likely to be moisture created within the cabin e.g. from cooking, many people breathing, gas heater, open garage doors and concrete floors, hot tubs etc. then the internal faces of the walls and ceiling must also be waterproofed.   You could use Sadolin Extra Durable Clear Coat or Clear Polyeurethane floor varnish .  In all cases it is a good precaution to treat inside faces of doors and windows with the exterior weather protector stain to prevent differential moisture absorption that can cause warping of the doors and windows.

For floors we suggest Sadolin Polyeurethane floor varnish in clear or oak finish.

All treatments are to be applied in accordance with the product instructions and maintenance coats are to be applied at intervals recommended by the product supplier.

It is sometimes necessary to add a silicon sealant to some joints in the cabin.  This is always needed for log end to end butt joints that occur in long walls and sometimes around door/window frames to wall joints depending on weather conditions imposed.

It is a simple case of running a bead of silicon water proof sealant into the joint to fill any gaps and provide a cover fillet.

However we recommend that the silicon is only applied after all other treatments are completed and the wood has dried and settled.  For this reason our installers are not in a position to apply the final sealants and responsibility for doing this lies with the customer.


To estimate quantity of products

To estimate quantities needed please try these simple calculations:-

For clear wood preservative (one coat inside + outside + ceiling)

"Distance" = Total length of exterior walls (in metres) total length of partition walls (in metres)

Area 1 = "Distance" x 2.5

Area 2 = Cabin width (in metres) x cabin length (in metres)

Quantity of products (inlitres) = 0.05 x (Area 1 + Area2)
Round up to next whole 5 litre can)

For weatherproof stain (2 coats external only)

Quantity of product (in litres) = 0.25 x Total length of exterior wall (in metres)
Round up to next whole 2.5 litre can

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Fire retardant treatment for wood

For log cabins that require Euro class B Spread of Flame (see our Building Regulations information) we recommend HR-Prof.

HR-Prof is a water based solution that is absorbed into the surface of the wood. It is easy to apply and has non-flammable properties which restrict ignition and spread of flame. It is applied first and can be fully over-coated with wood treatments as mentioned above.

For further details visit Fire Retardant UK Ltd