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A deposit of 20% is required at the time of order. You will receive an order confirmation, deposit invoice, plus a "What Happens Next" letter, a timetable of events, insulation fitting instructions (if applicable) & preservative treatment information.

An invoice for the balance of payment will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks prior to your cabin delivery.

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Our normal opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm. We are able to make arrangements outside of the above mentioned hours during the week, however, in ALL cases, visits are by appointment only so that we can allocate a member of staff to be present to devote adequate time to our visiting customers.

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Delivery Details

Bearing in mind that most of our cabins are being made fresh especially for you to your design requirements, we need a sensible time frame in which to process the order, design, schedule production, source correct high grades of raw materials, manufacture, package and transport.

This is reliably achieved in 6 weeks on average.
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All of our delivery lorries are equipped with Moffat Mounty / Kooi fork lift trucks on board.

These are incredibly versatile machines, that allow the driver to offload the cabin packs from the side of the lorry, travel a short distance and place the pack as close to your build site as is possible.
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We do offer an efficient installation service nationwide, although the majority of our customers take enjoyment from self assembly and we are available 24/7 to provide expert advice over the telephone should the need arise.
Installation details

One day it was a concrete slab and the next it was up wind and water tight. Worth every penny!

Mr Hall

“I plan to line and insulate the walls of the log cabin myself”

We do offer an extremely efficient wall insulation system that can be incorporated into the original log cabin build or fitted retrospectively. However it is technically demanding and therefore relatively expensive to deal with this aspect correctly and we can understand that you may wish take on this task yourself if you feel wall insulation is necessary and you have the ability to do it.

Before you embark on such a project you need to appreciate some log cabin design philosophy.

In log cabin design, the individual logs are allowed to swell and contract as their moisture content changes in different atmospheric conditions. As each and every log changes dimension in its height there will be an accumulative rise or fall in the overall height of the wall. The change from minimum height to maximum height might be quite significant, sometimes as much as 30 mm.

If you were to direct fix studding to the wall for the purpose of creating a cavity and then cladding internally, the studding would impede the natural movements of the log wall and this would result in loose logs and gaps appearing in the wall between the logs which could allow moisture to penetrate into the insulation void. This moisture ingress can go unnoticed from within the building behind the inner wall.

It is therefore essential that any studding is attached to the walls with a suitable sliding bracket system or similar method that does not impede the log wall natural movements.

Furthermore if the ceiling / roof is attached to the outer log wall, and the outer log wall is shrinking, then the ceiling / roof will lower relative to the floor. Any inner skin wall must be designed to allow adequate clearance for the ceiling to lower without bottoming out on the top of the inner wall. If it did then it might cause the roof to become detached from its outer wall, or it may prevent the top log of the outer wall from staying in close contact with its lower neighbour and therefore create a gap in the wall and hence the previously mentioned risk of moisture ingress.

Any window reveals and door reveals should not create a rigid link from the inner wall to the outer wall. They must allow the two walls to move independently of each other.

Log Cabin Wall InsulationA properly designed cavity wall insulation system will also incorporate a damp proof membrane, a vapour control barrier and an air gap.

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If you've been tempted by a "twin skin" log cabin, you may like to read our comments from an engineering point of view. We also hear on the grapevine all sorts of tales and salespersons yarns about log cabins. Have a look at our log cabin mythology page!

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